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  • Each participating club is responsible for the conduct of its players, coaches, and fans
  • All teams must register at least 45 minutes before their first scheduled game.
  • Valid player passes (USYSA or USClub) and official roster forms must be presented at registration. A copy of the roster must be handed in
  • Roster / Formation:
    Tournament 9 v 9
    Large Sided
    8 v 8
    Small Sided
    7 v 7
    Small Sided
    Format 1/2 field 1/4 field 1/4 field
    Max Roster 18 18 18
    Formation 8 + keeper 7 + keeper 6 + keeper
    Ages U11 - U18 U8 - U12 U13 -18
  • ALL players MUST WEAR SHINGUARDS, No Cleats, indoor shoes or turfs only
  • No player may switch from one team to another team in the same age group (can play in two different age brackets or divisions)
  • A team failing to appear on the field at the scheduled time will forfeit that game. The forfeit will be recorded as a 1-0 loss for that team
  • In the event of a jersey color conflict, the HOME TEAM must change jerseys. (The home team is listed first on the schedule)
  • Home team kicks off (on left of schedule)
  • All regular F.I.F.A. soccer rules apply, except for the following:
    a. No offside
    b. The ball hits the ceiling or cable and comes down in play, play continues, if a goal is scored during such instance, it must first touch at least one player prior to going in the goal. If it goes directly into the goal, it is either free or drop kick (referee’s desecration)
    c. Substitutions are unlimited and on the fly; the player leaving the floor must arrive at the mid line and EXIT prior to new player entering. Yellow Cards and loss of possession apply.
    d. Penalty box restarts or keeper distributions, the ball must touch outside the box either a player or the ground on the defensive half prior to clearing midfield. A goalie can not drop punt the ball across midfield. If the ball is played back to feet , the keeper can play it past mid-field
  • POINT SYSTEM: Three (3) points for a win; One (1) point for a tie; Zero (0) points for a loss.
  • Red Cards ; Two Yellows in a match equals a Red o Team (player or coach) - will LOSE a (1) point per red, Players or coach – will be suspended from the game and/or tournament (directors desecration)
  • A Tie Breaker will be played as follows:
    1) Head to Head play (not applicable in the case of more than 2 teams tied)
    2) Goal difference (for and against, max four goals per game)
    3) ) Most goals scored (Max four per game)
    4) Least Goals allowed
    5) Coin Flip by Captains The referee has sole jurisdiction over the game. There will be no protests.
  • The referee has sole jurisdiction over the game. There will be no protests.
  • The tournament committee will be responsible for all final decisions.
  • Game Length : Determined tournament game day… 2 minutes in between games
  • Playoffs: check format on day of the tournament
  • Awards: Champion

Tournament committee reserves the right to incorporate addendums to these tournament rules. All participating coaches shall be notified in such event.

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